Sunday, 20 March 2016


What a week of buggy running.  My training has shifted from doing the majority of runs without the buggy to running with the little fellow.

The speed sessions were tough this week but I had the joy of easing back towards the end of the week to do my first buggy race the Gainsborough 10k. A flat, fast PB course (but not with a buggy and baby).

The race conditions were perfect, cold but the sun came out and just 9 mph winds.  The usual funny looks mixed with smiles of affection when then saw Archie, Owen and I warming up in our new #TEAMJAMES tops which we have had done for the big day.

The race organiser for set us off 1 minute before due to health and safety reasons before starting the pack of 700 runners who would be hunting us down.

Checkout the race car hunting us down

Definitely a once in a life time experience leading the race but it didn't take long until the whippets came gliding through and became little dots in the distance.

It was so uplifting to get support from fellow runners mainly men for were impressed with what we were doing and the occasional shouts from the supporters saying 'Well done, first baby'.

The target was to hit just below the pace which I would need to run the Ramathon in around 6.50 pace.  I got a nice cheer from the crowds with 100 meters to go when I  got a bit over excited and took a 90 degree corner at 6 minute mile pace and the buggy flying around on 2 wheels.  A bit like rally car I thought I was going to take some spectators out.

Archie was a star not a peep out of him so I'm hoping he will be just as good when I run the half.

We crossed the line in 41.28 an average of 6.40 per mile with a smiling mum, dad and baby (once he saw he has milk waiting for him).  I finished 11th lady overall.

Just before my 2 wheeler

I'd like to thank Kevin Housham the race organiser for giving me the opportunity to race. To the runners and supporters who gave me a boost along the way.  To Owen for putting up with my losing it when my heart rate monitor fell off  and Archie for being a special little training partner.

Other great news this week is I finally got the official email from Guinness World Records to confirm my application is approved so lets hope no one reduces the World Record time before June 5th!.

Summary of this weeks training|:

Monday: Recovery run 50 min with buggy
Tuesday: 200, 200, 800 x 4, pilates.
Wednesday: 10 warm up 40 at level 2 10 cool down with buggy
Thursday: 15, 10, 5 at level 3, pliates
Friday: 30 minutes run with 10 x strides
Saturday: Rest
Sunday: Race Gainsborough 10k with buggy

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