Sunday, 28 February 2016

Distance running fuelled by a third of a Golden Syrup Bar!

The good thing about doing a race is that you can take it easier for the next couple of days.  My legs didn't feel too bad the next day although I always seem to suffer more 2 days after.  So Monday and Tuesday were easy days which I really liked not clock watching and just enjoying the running.

Wednesdays session was my tempo again down on the canal and I had a flyer, improving on my speed from the last session I did like this.  I'm still suffering a sore toe, it kind of feels broken but like most runners I'm not resting or icing it and just hoping it magically goes away.

Thursday was my 10 40 10 session.  I can really see a difference from when I started my training and I'm now able to run faster at a lower heart rate.  I had a health check this week and my resting heart rate is 33 bpm.

Friday was another easy day with a lovely 50 minute buggy run with my boy down on the Rotherham canal.  Seven miles of running with the Thule Glide, keeping my heart rate low I was suprised that I was running a fairly quick pace so I'm right were I need to be for the World Record.  Just a couple of comments from men walking 'Can I get in there love', 'Is that what you call multi tasking'. I often get some odd looks and a wry smile but I feel proud to do what I am doing and feel very fortunate to have this opportunity so I don't mind the looks.

I did my longest run in years on Saturday 18.25 miles on the transpennine trail running from Oxpring to Winscar Reservoir and back.  I wouldn't usually run this distance for half marathon training but before I decided to embark on this World Record attempt I entered the Milton Keynes 20 which is next week and I didn't want to pull out of the race.  Hence I need to know I could cover the distance before wading in with 10 miles to go.

Owen was in a panic that we had no gels or drinks for the run.  Good job Andy saved the day with one for us to share and we all had thirds of a golden syrup cereal bar!  It didn't seem to effect the run as we flew through the miles with the trees passing, blue sky's above and our baby boy snoozing away.  The great thing about running distance is the justified refueling which happens after.  So a well deserved trip to the Grill Pit to load up on more than a third of a golden syrup bar.

Owen, Andy and I at Winscar
Enjoying a 3 way cereal bar
Husband and Coach OJ

On Sunday we headed down to Derby to meet fellow Ramathon runners at the organised breakfast run.  The 6 miler was supported by a team of pink t shirt wearing Shelton Striders who were out in force pacing about 70 runners and offering treats along the way.  We had a Virgin Active pass after so we headed into the gym for some strength and conditioning followed by a sauna.  Five minutes in I was in the land of nod, waking up like a zombie with my spine painfully lodged into the wooden bench.

Owen and I are on the far right, Where's Wally?
So the training feels like it is paying off.  I do need to get more buggy running done especially at pace and I need to work on more strength and core work.  I am managing to fit the running training in but with Archie it's hard to have the time to do more without compromising the important time I want to spend with him.  He was 5 months old this week and the time seems to have gone in a blink so I need to treasure the special time that we have together.

Me and my 5 month old training partner
So to round up I had an enjoyable weeks training which looked like this:

Monday: 50 minute bike
Tuesday: 50 minute recovery run
Wednesday: 15, 10, 5 tempo
Thursday: 10, 40, 10 level 2 run, pilates
Friday: 7 mile buggy run
Saturday: Long run 18.25 miles
Sunday: 45 minute recovery run, strength & conditioning

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