Sunday, 21 February 2016

New wheels, canal canters and the racing snake

Monday - Yipppeee I've earned myself a rest day which is great as I am travelling to Burton Waters, Lincolnshire to meet up with my family.  Although it's just a 3 day trip it looks like I'm moving house.  How much stuff do you need for a baby it's insane.  I miss the days when I just throw a few things in a bag and I'm out the door in 10 minutes.

Burton Waters is lovely and as soon as I get there like a sad little runner I'm already trying to suss out where there is a nice long flat stretch for me to do my tempo run tomorrow.  After finding this beauty I'm not dreading my run so much.
Fossdyke into Lincoln
Tuesdays session was a tempo running into Lincoln City and back several times.  Wiping the sleet out my eyes I heard the dreaded sound of the Garmin beeping telling me my warm up was over and it was time to get down to business.  It was a run that seemed to never end, running hard for 50 minutes on your own required some mental toughness but I did it and hit the pace 'Jack Daniels' said I should be doing.  After telling Owen about how hard it was he said 'Why did you do tempo for 50 minutes?' 'You told me to!' 'No I said 40 that must have been nails'.  Oh well what doesn't kill you makes you stronger.

Wednesday's run was the same route in the rain but a 40 minute level 2 run, it's a pleasure to have a change of scenery.  Before I knew it the run was over and I often think what were you thinking of for all of that time.  I do think about the World Record attempt a lot when I'm running.  Will I achieve it? All the uncontrollable's start to run through my head.
What if Archie isn't happy and cries?
What if it's really windy?
What if I there is a problem with the pram?
Then I tell myself you can't control the uncontrollable's and what is out of your control is a waste of stress and unnecessary anxiety.
What I can control is the effort I put in my training and my mind by staying positive.

I have been running with the Bob Revolution buggy and it's great off road but it does feel heavy and bulky.  Owen and I have been doing our research on the best running buggies for racing and hands down the Thule Glide seems to come out top.
Jo Pavey a running mum that I have true admiration for uses this buggy so it must be good.  We contacted Thule to ask if they could support the World Record and why I was taking on the challenge.  I was overwhelmed and so excited when I walked through the door and there was the best gift ever waiting for me.
Thank you Thule and the Rotherham Journey Centre for your support.
The weather vane in the background makes me think of my mum
Thursday was back down to Rotherham canal to run 8 x 400's which gradually got faster throughout the session.  I was rewarded with a cool down trying out the new Thule Glide buggy as Owen brought Archie down as he was equally (if not more) excited about it than me.  Chuffin' hell what a difference. It's so responsive, which I need as Archie has been around corners on just 1 wheel before.  Its light weight and looks so more more comfortable for Archie, which I think he agrees with as again he slept the whole way.  By the way in the picture below he's not just grown an extra 10 inch. The suit he's in, while looking cool as it matches the buggy is about 3 months too big.

Friday was a nice recovery run as I am racing Snake Lane 10 in Pocklington on Sunday.  My first proper race back since giving birth in September. I have no idea what shape I'm in but a good tester regardless.

Saturday was a short 30 minute run with strides to get by legs prepped for tomorrows race, followed by a much needed sports massage from Owen.

Sunday. After working on trying to not get pre race anxiety which I often suffer with I managed to put the race out of my mind.  My mind has a little wobble when my nose started to drip like a tap on Saturday and I saw the weather.

A little breezy!
Owen reassured me that with running on heart rate rather than pace all I could do would be what my body allowed me to so therefore I was under no pressure.  I ran to heart rate and didn't look at my pace throughout the race, not knowing my time until I crossed the finish line.  It was extremely windy in places and more undulating than flat but the time flew by and I was over the moon with a new 10 mile PB of 1.04.25 and 4th lady overall.  Those nasty session's must be paying off, thank's Owen for being a hard core coach.

10 mile PB 1.04.25
4th Lady Prize

Summary of this weeks training:

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 15 warm up 50 Tempo 15 cool down
Wednesday: 10 warm up 40 level 2 10 cool down, Pilates
Thursday 8 x 400
Friday: Recovery 50 minutes, Pilates, squats & lunges
Saturday: 30 minute run with 10 strides
Sunday: 15 warm up, 10 mile race

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