Sunday, 29 May 2016

A new beginning

This blog is less about the training and more about heart.

There has been a complete stirring of emotion inside this week.  Along with training for the World Record we have just packed our home for a house move.  They say one of the most stressful things in life is moving house.  So I thought I'd build up the pressure by adding into the equation a World Record attempt 1 week later!

There are many reasons for moving but one is a new beginning.  We live just down the road from the hospital where my mum deteriorated so quickly and the Rotherham Hospice where she spent her final days.  I pretty much pass them both daily as they are on my running route and it fills me with such sadness.  I want to leave these memories behind and remember life when she was happy and well.

I also received a letter from the solicitors this week to say my mums estate has been finalised.  I just wish I could give everything back and have my mum instead.

With only 1 week to go until the Ramathon all the emotion of what I've been training for and why has started to build up.  I am so moved by every kind word, the belief people have in me to achieve this and the generous donations of those close to me as well as complete strangers.

The focus of this challenge will hopefully have raised awareness of The Rotherham Hospice and Macmillan and provided some vital funds for both charities.  I hope I have given some people belief to follow their own dreams and aspirations.  I know it's inspired many mums to start running again (with or without a buggy) which is amazing.

Training for this challenge has certainly given me a positive focus on how to deal with losing a parent.

I will do one more blog before race day if I can get out of the toilets!

So one week out how am I feeling?

Anxious, uncertain, worried I'll let people down, worried I'll let myself down, embarrassed and fearful, but also....Excited, hopeful, lucky, blessed, grateful, dedicated, focused, loved, brave and determined.

So that's enough of diving deep into the heart here is my head part taking over.  There are many of you special people travelling from near and far to support me on the day.  This means the world to me so thank you sincerely.  All of the Ramathon event guide information including timings, parking, maps, entertainment etc can be found by following this link:

Ramathon Event Guide

The race capacity is 5000 including the children's race so get there early as it will get extremely busy for parking.

Additional to this Macmillan have a gazebo at the event and are happy for any of my supporters to stop by or take cover if needs be although the long range forecast is hot, hot, hot.  Also as mentioned before I have a section of The Merlin pub reserved for a post race get together, it would be great to see you all.

The Merlin

Thank you for all of your donations so far.  I have both a fundraising page:

Or you can donate by text:

I will also have live tracking, I'll post the link on Facebook on the day.  Also follow us on Twitter #TEAMJAMES

This weeks training:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 50 min recovery spin
Wednesday: 50 min recovery run with buggy
Thursday: 15, 4 x 200's, 3 x 1k, 2 x 200's
Friday: Rest/ 15 hour house move packing/unpacking
Saturday: 50 minute recovery
Sunday: 15, 40 level 3, 15 buggy run

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