Sunday, 1 May 2016

Chewing Chihuahua & Tiny Tears

Tiny Tears - and not just the baby!

Many people have asked how Archie behaves when I run with in.  In a proud mum voice I reply smugly that he loves it as he either sleeps or just watches the tree's go by.  Leaving me feeling confident that he will be on best behaviour on race day.

Not no more, this weeks performance put me in serious doubt.  On my buggy reps session of 8 x 6 minutes with 1 minute recovery Archie was not playing ball.  My 1 minute walk recoveries involved 1 minute of trying to pull every soothing technique out of the bag to calm him down.  It is the first time I can say that I've sprinted whist singing 'Say hello to the sun' nursery rhyme which in the past never fails.  It didn't have the same effect with the panting and gasps for oxygen in between.  My only rep where he wasn't having a melt down was interrupted by his mitten flying off out of the pram.  I thought sod it I'll pick it up on the cool down, until a walker decided to pass it to me while I was going at full pelt.  It was like the 4 by 1 Olympic relays, we did an excellent change over.

I pray he isn't like that on race day if he is and you are in the crowds can you all sing 'Say hello to the Sun' for him/and me please.

Speed session 2 of the week was not interrupted by Tiny Tears but a Chihuahua trying to crew my ankles.  After 3 attempts of the Chihuahua nipping at me whilst in full flight, I finally lost it and dropped some expletives at the dog/owner (very out of character for me).  What effect did it have? None. I endured 2 more attacks until I stopped the Garmin and barked (excuse the pun)
'Do you not have a lead?'
'Will you put in on then?'.
Finally the dog escaped short of me booting it into Rotherham canal (sorry dog lovers).

The organisation for the race day is starting to come together.  Every time someone say's they are coming to support us on our attempt I get a warm glow inside followed by butterflies and a rush of adrenaline.   Thank you to everyone who is planning on coming from both near and far away.  I will hopefully have a gazebo there on race day for you all to meet in should you be wanting to stay at the start/finish as well as a pub meeting point for those who want to stay a bit longer.  We will also have live tracking on the day which I will post the link to closer to the time.

Thanks again to all those who have sponsored me this week, most of you have never met me before so I feel humbled by your support.

Lindsy's fundraising page

Summary of this weeks training:
Monday: 50 minute recovery spin
Tuesday: 8 x 6 minute buggy reps
Wednesday: 50 minute recovery run, pilates & strength
Thursday: 2 min, 1, min, 30 seconds x 8
Friday: 15, 50 level 2, 15 buggy run
Saturday: 1 hour 20 off road hilly run
Sunday: 50 minutes recovery run, pilates

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