Sunday, 15 May 2016

The horse has bolted

After Sunday's shocker I had one aim this week which was to repeat the session and smash it along with any dip in confidence.

Monday and Tuesday were recovery days as Sunday had taken a lot out of me physically.  By Wednesday I intended to hit target half marathon pace with the buggy on the Trans Pennine trail.  It was more important for me mentally to nail this session so I could forget about Sunday.  After a 15 minute warm up, the familiar sound of the Garmin beeped it's count down as it warned me the fun was about to begin.  The horse bolted pushing its chariot rather than pulling it.  I ran 2 x 25 minutes hard with Andy who will be one of my independent witnesses on the day of the World Record attempt.  We smashed it so Sunday is a distant memory.

I'm now counting down the few hard quality sessions which I have left before the big day.  I was happy to see the back of my last 2 min, 1 min, 30 seconds eye balls out session on Saturday as the last 3 reps felt like I was Mr Jelly running in sinking sand.  It would have been easy to give up but I think if you give up in training you remember that and it then becomes easier to give up in a race.

Thank you Archie for being a super training partner this week

We went to our running clubs 'Kimberworth Striders' presentation night this week.  They are a great friendly club who promote a 'Run for All' ethos.  They have supported me in the past with various charity events and without fail they donated the proceeds from the raffle to my charities.  A big thank you for the £108 you raised, I love being a part of the Striders family.

With only 3 weeks left now until judgement day.  Why don't you take a little visit to my fundraising page.  Every little with go along way for MacMillan and The Rotherham Hospice.

This weeks training:
Monday: 50 minute bike recovery, pilates
Tuesday: Rest
Wednesday: 15, 2 x 25 (5 min jog recovery) level 3, 15 buggy run
Thursday: 50 min recovery run
Friday: 30 min recovery run, pilates, glutes
Saturday: 2 min, 1 min, 30 sec x 8
Sunday: 10, 40 level 2, 10 buggy run

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  1. Well done Lynds,sounds like an awesome challenge My Dad has told the guy who is monitoring him post heart attack that he wants to do a half marathon with his old army mates pulling a gun carriage, cheers Hoppy