Sunday, 24 April 2016

If you are losing faith in human nature

If you are losing faith in human nature, watch a marathon.  I have met so many people who say that they could never run a marathon!  If you stood at mile 25 of London marathon 5 or 6 hours after the race starts then think again.  Anything is possible, but the marathon isn't just a physical challenge it is a state of mind and anyone can achieve the 26.2 miles with the right state of mind.

I have had the pleasure and pain of running the London Marathon 3 times.  This year I had the pleasure of cheering on the troops and on the morning of the race I decided to do my recovery run from my friends house.  Not knowing London very well,  I thought a straight out and back would be good as I have a habit of getting lost and running twice as far.

After a mile I headed under the iconic banners reading Virgin London Marathon 1 mile.  I had stumbled across the marathon route and even better all the roads were closed off to traffic, it was a dream.  I realise now that running in London isn't the same of running in Rotherham.  It's normal to say morning or hello as you pass people back home.  Obviously not in London I got a delayed 'Errm hello' as then looked at me to see if I'd escaped some a local psychiatric department.

I am in awe of all of you out there today and the courage it took you to get to the start line. I hope I have the strength and determination I saw in your eyes on the 5th June.

So this week was a strong week of running but lacked again in strength training.  I fear the speed sessions every week.  Not because of the pain but feeling like I've let myself down if I don't hit my targets.  I had two belters of sessions which I like telling coach OJ about as I can see the joy on his face but I also kind of want to lie and tell him slower times so he doesn't keep making the sessions harder.

On Saturday I ran Bexley Parkrun.  Usually I get nervous at Parkruns. I know it's silly but I try and push myself every time.  This one was different.  I had done a speed session the day before so Owen said just do it in recovery.  Yes I can have a nice little jog around and enjoy the London scenery.
After warming up I trot over to Owen and said all smiley.  'So just a recovery then?' to which he replies 'Just sit behind first lady and overtake her at the end'.  'What if she's like a 16 minute 5k runner?'.  'You'll be second then'.  The gun goes off,  I stick to the plan but after 1k first lady started getting closer so I moved into first position and relaxed into the run, I felt strong.
Six weeks to go and I feel like the training is coming together.

Bexley Parkrun

Summary of this weeks training:
Monday: Rest
Tuesday: 10, 40 level 2, 10
Wednesday: 4 x 10 minutes at level 3, Pilates
Thursday: 50 minute recovery
Friday:  4 x 5 minutes, 3 x 1k, 4 x 200's
Saturday: 50 minutes with 20 minute level 3 at Parkrun
Sunday: 50 minute recovery

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