Sunday, 17 April 2016

Just one wish ✮

'If I could have just one wish this week and never have another it would have been to spend just an hour with my mother'.

This week marked the year of the loss of my mum.  I score pretty highly on keeping a good brave face on the outside but the pain of losing my mum comes in waves and this week I have felt like I was drowning at times.

I handle a lot of my thoughts and emotions while running but the night before her anniversary I turned to the red wine even though I knew I had a wicked session in the morning.  I thought I was entitled to a day off considering.  Thursday came and I felt rubbish in every way so it didn't make sense to not have my therapy session of 5 x 1200's (the one's which made me feel like my arms might fall off the last time I did them).

I pulled myself together and to be honest I smashed them, they hurt but I just thought I'm hurting inside anyway so what's a bit of extra physical pain.

Earlier in the week I did 8 x 5 minutes with Archie up and down the TPT. The highlights were pretending I hadn't noticed a man had joined me with his pitbull on one of my reps (that one I did run slightly faster).  Then two likely lads asked if I had a boyfriend.  Come on, I mean I'm a mum pushing a baby, sweating like pig and my cheeks were as red as a baboon ass.

The weekend was fast approaching, I'd had 2 good quality sessions but I feared that Owen may throw in another tempo run.  So how do I avoid it?  I enter a 10k race at the last minute as I thought it would be easier to do it in a crowd than on my tod.

I've not properly raced a 10k since 2012.  Owen was confident that my training predicted that I was in PB shape which would mean beating 38.46.  The aim was:
Try to control my pre race anxiety -  
Try to not blow up - 
Try to stop negative thoughts of doubt creep into my mind - half 

The result was 2nd lady (first very old lady in a sea of young whipper snappers from Sheffield University) and a new PB of 38.18.

We also made a buggy running tips video for those who like to run with buggy's or for those who like a good laugh at how it's not best to explain technique while running away from the camera and to film in landscape!

Buggy Running Tips

Also last week I said it would be super to read the £1000 mark on my fundraising page.  I've had so many lovely donations this week and just this evening someone has tipped me into the £1000 mark, thank you.

Lindsy's fundraising page

“There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up.” 

Summary of this weeks training:

Monday: 50 minute recovery run
Tuesday: 8 x 5 minutes buggy reps
Wednesday: 50 minutes recovery run
Thursday: 5 x 1200's
Friday: 50 minutes recovery run
Saturday: 30 minutes with 10 x strides, pilates
Sunday: Neurocare Headstart 10k

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