Sunday, 3 April 2016

Ramming up the miles on the Ramathon

I'm trying to look like a Ram if you were wondering!

I'm back in the game.  My fear of losing all fitness in one week of illness wasn't to be and I managed to hit some hard sessions.

The first quality session back was 6 x 5 minutes on the Rotherham canal.  Owen has started to bring in longer reps and introduce more tempo running into my programme which is more suited to running a half marathon.

I see the same man and his dog pretty much every day I run.  He always asks where the baby is which is usually when I am half way through an effort at full throttle and not during a rest section of my session.  I manage to breathlessly shout an answer each time usually just one word.  So this week he got 2 quality words out of me 'Grandad'  gasping and Thursday's session 'Dad'.  I'm sure he'd love to share a pint with me to see if I can string a sentence together.

On Thursday Owen ran pushing the pram next to me while I did 5 x 1200's.  I thought I was doing OK until rep 4 when my arms hurt just as much as my legs as I was pumping them so hard to hit my time set by husband Hitler.  There's nothing quite like feeling like your legs could go not faster and giving 100% effort and your hubby is just pushing a pram chatting as though he's out for a Sunday stroll.

The highlight of the week was our return to Derby to run the Ramathon route.  This time I had Archie with me so it would be the first time I'd ran with him on the actual course and the first time I had run half marathon distance with him.  It was perfect conditions and we got up at 6am to drive down from Rotherham so we could avoid as much traffic as possible as we intended to run on the roads.

The miles drifted by and I began to visualise the day.  So many friends and family are coming to support my attempt and I could see and hear them along the way.  Like all long runs you get times when you have a little wobble but my spirits were soon lifted when we were running through Elvaston Castle and a fellow runner shouted 'Good luck with your World Record Attempt'.  My pace and heart rate went up as the excitement filled my veins.

Golden Gates Elvaston Castle

The last stretch of the run is on the tow path of the river Derwent and my pace slowed a bit with the surface and the slight head wind.  I looked up to the sky and could hear my mum saying 'Go on Lindy Loo' .  I've always wanted to make my mum proud and before she went away she said how proud she is of Kate my sister and I, she didn't need to tell me as I could always feel it.

We turned into Ipro (well twice) as we saw the Race Director of the Ramathon who shouted 'You are going the wrong way', always good to know.

So this is us where the Ramathon finish line will be and hopefully I will be looking up to the clock which will read less than 1.30.51!!!!!

So with just 9 weeks to go take a little trip to my fundraising page and give a penny or so for two amazing charities Macmillan Cancer and The Rotherham Hospice.

Lindsy's Fundraising Page


Archie at the finish line

Summary of this weeks training:
Monday: 50 minute recovery Spin
Tuesday: 6 x 5 minutes and pilates
Wednesday: 50 minute recovery
Thursday: 5 x 1200
Friday: 10, 40 level 2, 10
Saturday: 50 minute recovery
Sunday: 13.1 miles level 2

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