Sunday, 10 April 2016

8 weeks to go!

This flashed up on Facebook today.  It's going to be here before I know it as the weeks are just flying and I've achieved 14 weeks of buggy running training so far.

Its been another positive week of solid training and hitting my target times set by coach OJ.

The session of the week was the hard level 3 session on Friday.  For some reason I thought this session was going to be easy, but when I found the pace I needed to run after 400 meters I was a bit concerned that physically and mentally I may not be able to keep the pace up.  Owen was trying out a Gopro at the same time as on day we need as much evidence as possible to prove I was pushing the pram the whole way around.  We were in Derby for the run and we covered some of the final miles of the Ramathon route.  Somehow I managed it and it was a great session for mental toughness.  Just to fizzle out my smugness Owen said 'Great session but you will be doing that again but 50 minutes next time then an hour', he really can be a joy to have around!

I've finally started some strength training as I'm sick of hearing myself saying I should do it and then not. Man I am a weakling I think it's the first time I've activated my triceps in over a year.  More time is needed to be spent in this area which I know should improve my running form which isn't the best.

My only buggy run this week was a 1 hour 20 run up and down a 1.5 mile stretch near Meadowhall. Some lovely comments from the locals 'Your a fit mum', followed by 'Can I get in there!' I hope he was talking about the buggy.

Someone also made a generous donation today on my page but I don't know who you are Mr Neminem, thank you but please drop me an email as I would like to thank you personally.

So I've nearly hit the £800 mark on my page lets get to £1000 be this time next week!

Lindsy's Fundraising Page

Better, Stronger, Faster - this is our target for next week!
Summary of training:
Monday: Recovery 50 minutes
Tuesday: 8 x 5 minutes, 30 minutes core and strength
Wednesday: Recovery 50 minutes
Thursday: 10, 40, 10 level 2
Friday: 40 minutes level 3, 30 mins TRX training
Saturday: Spin 40 mins level 2, 30 mins Swiss ball training
Sunday: 15, 50, 15 level 2 with the buggy, then 6 miles easy

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